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£153 £149 Per Week, Plus A £50 Amazon Voucher!

For just £149 per week, you can have a Deluxe Student Studio and a £50 Amazon voucher! Not only are you receiving a great deal, but you’re also given an excuse to start shopping for your new home away from home. 


Deluxe Student Studios at St George’s Tower are the definition of luxury student accommodation. They are the largest studios in the building, with almost 24m2 to play with. The open space, combined with natural lighting, works to your advantage; it’s the kind of space that you want to spend all of your time in, the complete opposite of stereotypical student accommodation. Embrace and enjoy an airy, uncluttered space without ever feeling trapped. 


Expansive windows offer panoramic views of the city below. Be the first to see gorgeous sunrises and stunning sunsets as you soak in everything that Leicester has to offer, overlooking the hustle and bustle of one of the UK’s most diverse, history-drenched cities. Some rooms even offer dual aspect windows, enhancing your view of the city below. With plush curtains that effectively block out the light, you get to choose what you get to see and when you get to see it. It’s a flexible studio that can ultimately be whatever you need it to be. 


Each Deluxe Student Studio contains a kitchen, dining, bedroom, bathroom and study space. This means that within your four walls, there is everything that you could possibly want or need. Delight in the fact that you don’t need to share a bathroom with strangers, and revel in the fact that on cold winter nights, you don’t ever need to leave the comfort of your new home. Each room is equipped with all of your basic amenities – as well as some not so basic amenities, which put the Deluxe in these Deluxe Student Studios. 


The amenities include:


  • A kitchen, complete with a cooker, fridge and microwave.
  • A stylish breakfast bar, featuring matching counter stools.
  • An ensuite bathroom, containing a toilet, sink and power shower.
  • A study area, fitted with a generously sized desk, shelf space, a fabric pin board and a padded chair. 
  • A bedroom area, home to a three quarter sized bed.
  • Ample storage space throughout, with many cupboards and drawers. 


Our Deluxe Student Studios have everything that you could want from city centre accommodation, and are a definitive step above anything that a university could provide. Live your best student lifestyle by investing in a room that you enjoy coming back to. 


These apartments are accompanied by key features that you don’t want to miss out on, such as a wall-mounted TV. Whether you enjoy live TV or streaming platforms, you can indulge in the latest episode of your favourite show without missing a thing. To add to this convenience, we offer on-site laundry facilities. This means that you don’t need to travel to and from an independent service provider, because it’s just a short trip across the hall or down a flight of stairs – saving you time and money in the long run!


Our Deluxe Student Studios offer a kind of luxury that few students get to experience, but don’t just take our word for it. Try out our virtual tour, and imagine yourself making the journey from the front door, to the kitchen, to the bedroom and so on. Like what you see? Then enquire about our Deluxe Student Studios today. With a limited number of rooms available, and a high level of demand, you don’t want to miss out. A great room can transform your university experience, and living in St George’s Tower could be the difference between liking and loving the next year. 


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