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Things to Do in Leicester for Students

St George’s Tower has been providing accessible and affordable student accommodation for over 6 years. Our dedicated team are well versed in all things to do in Leicester – from supporting Leicester City F.C to knowing the best brunch spots around town. Find everything you need to know about Leicester in one easy and convenient online space. 

From the shaping of the modern language to the discovery of King Richard III’s body (in a car park, no less), Leicester is rich in culture and entertainment. Whether you’re new to the city or a seasoned Leicesterfarian, we want to help you find all there is to find in this magical place. So without further ado, here are the best things to do in Leicester for students – as decided by veritable experts on the city. 

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Fun Things to Do in Leicester

People often wonder, “is Leicester worth visiting?” and the answer is yes, absolutely! There are a plethora of things to do in Leicester for students as well as places to visit and people to see. You’ll never find yourself bored. Some of our favourite weekend activities include:

Watching the football at King Power Stadium

Walking down the lovely Grand Union Canal

Spending the day relaxing in Abbey Park

Don’t fret! That’s not all, we’ve got more in store for you below (especially if you’re looking for a specific day to have some fun), so just keep calm and scroll on! 

Student Itinerary of Fun Things to Do in Leicester


Yes, Mondays… the first day of the week. Mondays may not be for every student but there sure are plenty of things to do in Leicester even on this day. First on the list is the Leicester Market, which is Europe’s largest covered market and has been in the same location for over 700 years!  That’s a long time, isn’t it?

It’s definitely a must-visit, both for its long history and its huge range of stalls. You’re guaranteed to leave with an absolute bargain, whether you’re after a selection of fresh fruit and veg, the Leicester Market puts other supermarkets to shame. 

While it’s open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, we advise going on a weekday to help you beat the weekend rush and the flurry of shoppers.


Fancy a sports activity that’s a little different? Social Climbing is a huge bouldering centre, and a great opportunity for you to learn a new skill, socialise with friends and exercise without feeling like you’re exercising. 

Bouldering is, in simple terms, rock climbing without any of the safety equipment – but don’t be alarmed. Not only is it perfectly safe, but it is also a really welcoming environment, with staff and visitors alike willing to help and advise. 

They’re open until 10 pm, and as a student, you’re entitled to the concession price! So what are you waiting for? Start making way! 


If you have a spare few hours in the afternoon and you’re looking for things to do in Leicester, another must-visit is the Richard III Visitor Centre. It’s a chance to see and experience some really interesting Leicester history. 

Once again, you’re entitled to a student ticket, which means you’re saving money! Plus, it’s right in the city centre, so you can use it as a starting point for learning more about your new home.


The National Space Centre is a hugely popular destination, and one of the more interesting things to do in Leicester for students. There are 6 interactive galleries, where you can see rockets, meteorites and famous space suits that are out of this world. If you’re not a huge space nerd, the National Space Centre is sure to make you one. Oh! and don’t forget – check out what’s inside the 42m Rocket Tower; it’s definitely worth a visit.


Phew! Thank god it’s Friday! It’s the end of the week, regardless of if you’re a student or working. Fridays are the perfect day to treat yourself and start your weekend as you mean to go on. 

Showcase Cinema de Lux Leicester boasts some extravagant facilities – including a Studio Bar, offering contemporary dining, and the Directors Lounge, an exclusive champagne and cocktail bar. With loads of snack options to choose from (including a cheeky Ben & Jerry’s), you’re guaranteed to find a film and a tasty treat that’s to your liking. 

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Food Places in Leicester Worth Checking Out

If you’re after the best food places in Leicester, we’ve got you covered. Leicester has plenty of cute spots to hit up for brunch or a nice evening meal. Don’t have time to check it out? Here are some of the highlights: 

With Leicester being one of the most multicultural cities in the UK, there’s a place to eat for everyone. So if you’re after halal food in Leicester, you also have plenty of options to choose from! Here are some places you may want to check out:

Bars in Leicester City Centre to Visit as a Student

If you’re after a night out or a bit of a cheeky afternoon drink, there are plenty of spots you can visit if you’re after things to do in Leicester. Fancy a pint? How about a gin and tonic? Or maybe just an ice-cold coke (for all the non-alcoholic drinkers out there)? We know some of the best bars in Leicester city centre that you should check out:

Leicester creative business builiding

Culture in Leicester

Culture in Leicester is never-ending and always expanding. The city is known for being a cultural hotspot, and so it stands to reason that many of the things to do in Leicester involve its history and traditions. 

Ethnic Diversity in Leicester

The inhabitants of Leicester speak, collectively, over 70 languages and belong to over 240 faith groups. It is a hugely diverse community – one which has a reputation for being a safe haven for locals and visitors alike. This means that many of the things to do in Leicester are influenced by its diverse range of ethnicities, some of which include:

Student Safety in Leicester

If there’s one thing that we take incredibly seriously, it’s the safety of the people that live in Leicester – especially the students that live with us, in St George’s Tower. While this is generally a safe city, there are always small steps that you can take to remain vigilant if you’re looking for things to in Leicester

Know the contact information of your university campus security. When possible, walk with a friend! Let someone know that you’ve gotten home safely.

Things To Do in Leicester for Students with St George’s Tower

Living in St George’s Tower means that you are right in the heart of the city – just 18 minutes away from the University of Leicester and 10 minutes away from DeMontfort University. Our excellent location means that it’s really easy to find things to do in Leicester for students that are just minutes away from your door.

If you already live with us, a member of our team will be more than happy to give you some top tips about the city and fill you in on all the best places to go. If you don’t, it’s always worth checking to see if we have any vacancies – accommodation in St George’s Tower is guaranteed to transform your student experience and put you right where the action is. 

Contact us today by phoning 0116 262 6933 or emailing We can’t wait to hear from you. And if you’re interested in learning more about the wonderful city of Leicester, then be sure to take a look at our blog for the latest news.

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