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Top 8 things you don’t need to take to uni

It’s an exciting time; you’re packing your bags, ready to venture out on your own for the first time. You’re ready to experience the club nights, microwave meals, and all the fun opportunities that university has to offer. But with so little room in your suitcase, it’s hard to decide what to bring, or more realistically, what not to bring. We have you covered with our list of things you really don’t need to pack, to make moving to your new home as smooth as possible.

 Kitchen Gadgets

Finally having the freedom to eat whatever you want is a big thing that many look forward to when staring out at uni. Still, we can almost guarantee that your food processor will be used once when you move in, and then shoved into the back of your cupboards for the rest of the study year. Bring only the essentials; items like air fryers, slow cookers, and waffle makers are best left at home. There are some excellent student kitchen packs out there that have everything you’ll need, including saucepans, cutlery, kitchen knives, and other utensils. Student life is busy; whether you’re studying or enjoying the buzzing city nightlife, you will more than likely end up eating quick and convenient meals that come prepared.


Bringing a printer can seem like a good idea, but it will take up packing space in your car and unnecessary room in your flat. Your university is guaranteed to have a top-notch printing service that will be more affordable than buying your own ink and quality paper. Both De Montfort and Leicester universities have specialised printing and binding facilities that are sure to fit your needs, no matter your course. It’s a good decision to leave your printer at home rather than have it gather dust and cramp your desk space.

Your entire wardrobe

Bringing every single item of clothing you own is not the way to go. When trying to make space for packing, knowing what outfits to take can leave your head spinning. If you’re starting university at the end of September, going into October, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be wearing your shorts and vest tops. Instead, pack according to the season. You are bound to visit home at some point, so leave your summer clothes at home and swap them out when the weather gets hotter. Another reason it’s best not to take everything is that you could buy more clothes, so it’s always good to know you have that extra wardrobe space.

Cleaning Products

Of course you’ll need cleaning products for your new flat; however, waiting until you arrive to buy everything you need is a good idea. Your apartment will have been cleaned for your arrival, which will give you time to shop for your cleaning necessities. If you decide on shared accommodation, once you meet your new flatmates, you could even discuss buying together to share the cost and prevent five bottles of washing-up liquid from crowding your sink.


Bringing your first week’s food shop with you when you move into your new accommodation is less efficient than it seems. While it could be recommended to take a simple meal with you for your first night, like a packet of pasta and a tinned sauce, it’s best to leave the shopping until you get there. If you haven’t toured your flat in person before booking, you could buy too much for your cupboard space or buy food that will go to waste if you go out to eat during freshers. 


Your Car

For some, bringing your car to university really isn’t necessary. Most cities have super convenient public transport that will save you on petrol and parking costs, especially as most accommodations don’t offer parking spaces. Leicester is well connected with bus services that will help you get around the city and further. Tickets are affordable; buses operate with a tap-on-tap-off payment method; pay at the contactless device when you get on and tap off on the card reader when you get off. You can also get to and from Leicester via train, making visiting friends in other cities or travelling home easy.



Typically, student accommodation comes furnished with everything you need to live comfortably; it’s important to check the list of amenities before you arrive so you don’t bring anything unnecessary. Here, our studios are fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen, including a microwave, cooker, and fridge; a bedroom area with a comfortable three-quarter-sized bed; and study space with a generously sized desk, shelf space, and padded chair. There’s no need to lug heavy, bulky furniture with you; student housing is designed especially with your living needs in mind.



Bedding like duvets and pillows can be incredibly bulky to pack. Sometimes, you don’t even need to bring your own, as some accommodations offer bedding packs for you to purchase on arrival. St George’s Tower has a budget-friendly bedding pack with everything you will need for a good night’s sleep at a cost lower than in most retail stores. It’s well worth checking with your accommodation to see what they can offer. 

Now you’re ready!

Packing - St George's Tower


Hopefully this list has helped you to know how to pack smart, and you’re feeling well prepared for the big day. Before you get stuck in with your packing, one last piece of advice is to make a list of what you need, just to be sure nothing gets left out. With everything to organise, it’s easy to forget to pack or buy something important, so having that extra reminder can be a massive help. Now, all that’s left to do is move in and kickstart your new life as a student. We wish you the best!


Student accommodation at St George’s Tower


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Within 10 minutes of your door you’ll find all the shops a student needs, so there’s no need to worry if you find you do need something. You’ll be perfectly located to get it and get it back to your accommodation hassle free. 


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