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My Unforgettable Experience at St. George’s Tower – A Home from Home

In 2022 I was preparing to study abroad as an international student, and finding the right accommodation was one of many daunting tasks on my list. I had decided on the UK, and Leicester in particular. Miles away in India, contemplating the uncertainties of Leicester’s student housing, I stumbled upon St. George’s Tower. It appealed to me as it was near to everything in the city centre, a walkable distance to campus, the rent was very reasonable for a spacious studio, and there was a potential for a great view!

I arrived late at night after a long journey. Despite the late hour, the accommodation team were ready for me and processed my arrival quickly and then showed me to my studio, which revealed a fantastic cityscape from my window on the 17th floor. The twinkling lights of the city below seemed like a canvas painted just for me, making me feel at home right away.

Beyond the lovely view, the studio itself was very pleasing. Thoughtfully designed amenities and features, and a spacious layout, made settling in easy. But more than the comforts of my space, it was the people who would truly make it a home from home.

The accommodation team, with their friendliness and unwavering support, became an integral part of my Leicester life. Engaging in their regular social events, I met fellow students who quickly became friends and my support system during my time in this new country.

St. George’s Tower was not merely a place to reside; it became a community that fostered friendships, encouraged growth, and offered an experience beyond just accommodation. It bridged the gap between cultures, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

For students seeking more than just a place to stay, I can say that St. George’s Tower isn’t just a building; it’s a welcoming haven where you feel looked after and secure, where dreams flourish and friendships blossom.

If you’re contemplating your next student home in Leicester, I wholeheartedly recommend this accommodation – a place where comfort, community, and convenience converge to create an enriching and unforgettable student experience.

Santosh Mehta – St George’s Tower resident and University of Leicester international student 2022-23 (MSc Marketing).

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