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The 7 Best Bars in Leicester for Students

It’s an old city and it comes with an impressive historical heritage. Given that it’s the resting place of Richard III, it plays host to a great number of listed buildings and can be described as nothing short of a hub of cultural activity. Whether you’re a student or visiting, there’s plenty of things to do in Leicester.

The city is home to a teeming student population and a lively music scene – it really is an energetic place when the lights go down and the moon comes out. No matter where you go, there’s sure to be something interesting happening, which is why we’ve collated a list of the 10 of the best student bars in Leicester where you can quench your thirst for a night out!

Go-to Bars in Leicester

The Turkey Café – 190124 Granby Street, Leicester LE1 1DE

If you’re simply to set foot inside 1901 – The Turkey Café, a grade 2 listed art nouveau bar on Granby Street, you’ll feel like you’ve suddenly entered a different time period. With its exotic decor, sofa seating and low tables, this is definitely one of the more comfortable bars in Leicester that will ensure fun stays fun. 

But what about the drinks? Perhaps the most impressive thing is the huge list of cocktails and shots – from their famous ‘I’m in Love with the Coco’ cocktail, to their ‘Colour Changing Mojito’, the drinks here are sure to impress, especially for students looking to spice up the night. 

Luckily you won’t have to travel far, as The Turkey Café is a short six-minute walk or four-minute drive from St George’s Tower. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a student – at least the accommodation is close in case you’ve had one too many!

Bar Dos Hermanos54 Queens Rd, Clarendon Park, Leicester LE2 1TU

If you fancy a little sizzle, you should salsa your way down to Bar Dos Hermanos. With a chique 1940’s style Cuban American aesthetic, the bar boasts a comprehensive range of Cuban cocktails from your classic daiquiri (with the Bar Dos Hermanos twist of course) to the ‘Cuba Libre’ and ‘Cubanito’, both boasting a refreshing set of ingredients to keep you on your feet. 

Oh and not to mention, there’s the added benefit of a Happy Hour each and every day. If you’re feeling peckish, they offer tapas, breakfast and brunches to fill your tummy,  making it a great place to eat out in Leicester. Bar Dos Hermanos is a seven-minute drive away from St George’s Tower. Alternatively, it’s about a twenty-minute walk or twelve-minute bus ride so it’s accessible for students.

Closeup of a Pint of Beer

The Case Restaurant & Champagne Bar4-6 Hotel Street, Leicester LE1 5AW

If you enjoy cocktails and champagne, then The Case could be your newfound friend as it’s one of the most stylish and exclusive cocktail bars in Leicester. It’s a venue that permits you to indulge in luxury even on a student budget, so everyone is welcome. 

The bar has a contemporary style and beautifully modern décor making it a perfect retreat at the weekend, weekday or night out with friends. Or if you’ve got an event planned, they have the option to book their restaurant and private room (maximum party of 12). Do dress for the occasion though, as The Case imposes a strict dress code.

If you’re feeling fancy, you should definitely head here – it’s only eleven minutes (by car or on foot) away from our accommodation, so get to stepping!

BrewDog Leicester 8 Friar Lane, Leicester LE1 5RA

At Brewdog Leicester, you’ll find an unparalleled number of tap beers and bottled beers. Each beer is accompanied by brewing information so you’ll soon become a veritable beer aficionado. Not just that, but they’re open to everyone – having wheelchair access, baby changing stations, dogs, and children (until 9pm), it’s a great location for diversity and inclusivity.

Fancy a trip to one of the most well-known bars in Leicester? Not to worry, it’s only fourteen minutes by car from our accommodation or if you’re on foot, only eleven minutes.

Café Bruxelles 90-92 High Street, Leicester LE1 5YP

Perhaps the first thing about Bruxelles that you’ll notice is the incredible domed ceiling which is somewhat reminiscent of St Paul’s Cathedral, London. It may come as no surprise, given the name of this establishment, that Bruxelles’ main focus is on quality Belgian beers (be sure to ask for Maredsous beer) and cocktails. 

The bar offers a large seating area while the Jimmy Hendrick’s gin garden is to the rear, offering you that much needed fresh air to cool off. From St George’s Tower, it’s an eleven-minute drive or fourteen-minute walk – whatever your fancy, you can get to Bruxelles easily (and hopefully get back, provided you’ve not overdone yourself with the booze).

Closeup of a bar with balloons hung up

The Exchange Bar50 Rutland Street, LE1 1RD Leicester

The Exchange Bar is located in the middle of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter opposite the Curve theatre. It’s known for being one of the more ‘eclectic and bohemian’ bars in Leicester, with its friendly atmosphere and cosy interior. But as you’d expect, the main focus is on the selection of alcohol – from their signature ‘Red Leg Meg’ cocktail to Asahi (Japanese rice lager), they’ve got a selection that will certainly tickle your fancy. 

On the other hand, if you’re one to indulge in coffee, you’ll find some of the best coffee in the city being offered here, so it’s not just nights out that make this place great. Again, this is very close to our accommodation, being a four-minute drive or five-minute walk, The Exchange is only a whisper away.

33cankstreet33 Cank Street, St. Martins Square, Leicester LE1 5GX

A stylish, funky bar right in the centre of St Martins Square, this student-oriented establishment offers contemporary alcoholic creations for all palettes. And if your palette has decided it wants to stay home, they offer cocktails delivered straight to your door.

On top of that, if you and your friends have run out of drinking games, 33cankstreet has cocktail making and tasting experiences to keep the night going. They’re also known for their live music, so you can sesh with some funky background tunes. 

33cankstreet is a thirteen-minute drive or eleven-minute walk away from our accommodation, so your nights out have never been easier.

Easy Access to the Best Bars in Leicester with St George’s Tower

If you’re looking for student accommodation that’s close to some of the best bars in Leicester, our location is a hotspot for accessing these areas. Going on a night out has never been easier, so contact us today and we’ll get you into our top of the line deluxe or premium studios – whatever your heart desires.

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