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Leicester and Diversity

Leicester And Diversity 

Leicester has a reputation for being a highly diverse city, and this is something that is evident in everything from its population to its food to its celebrations. If you are looking to explore the diverse nature of Leicester, and immerse yourself in the different cultures and subcultures of the city, then you couldn’t be in a better place.

At St George’s Tower, we provide student accommodation for young adults from all over the world. This means that we know just how diverse and multicultural Leicester really is. Our dedicated team is incredibly familiar with everything the city has to offer – both because many of us are born and raised Leicesterfarians, and because we want to be able to provide our students with as much insight into the city as possible. We always strive to go the extra mile, and knowing everything there is to know about Leicester is just one small part of that. 

Leicester And Diversity: History 

While history can sometimes paint a difficult and convoluted picture, this is not the case for Leicester. The city has always been something of a safe haven, consistently welcoming people with open arms and providing a home for all of those who need it.

As early as the 2nd or 3rd century, Leicester became a hub for those seeking a new life. It was one of the first Roman cities in Britain, and so filled with a rich and complex culture. Some incredibly important buildings were erected in Leicester, including a basilica, public baths and a temple. 

Later, the city was extremely welcoming to refugees. After both the First and Second World War, refugees from all over the world found themselves in Leicester. In particular, people moved from Belgium, Italy, Poland and Ireland. It became a safe space in which they could live without fear or prejudice. 

The modern city pays homage to its roots. Diversity in Leicester has only increased with time. While this doesn’t mean that the city has been without its problems, it does make us a great example of a city that can come together and rise above hate. 

Leicester And Diversity: Population

In 2011, Leicester was declared the “most ethnically diverse” city in the region. Our population is one of the most diverse, not just in the East Midlands or in the UK, but in the world. And while this was, admittedly, a decade ago, it is just as relevant, and just as interesting, a decade later in 2021.

The diversity in Leicester is so striking, that it is the subject of much debate and academic discourse. Following on from the 2011 census, it was announced that no single ethnic group was in the majority. Instead, so many people from so many backgrounds live here, that it is impossible to declare any one as the most common. 

In the last 10 years, Leicester has remained consistently diverse. When looking at a breakdown of the population demographics in 2021, this applies to both ethnic groups and religious beliefs. 

Ethnic Groups

  • 45.1% British White
  • 37.1% Asian
  • 6.3% Black
  • 1.6% Arab

Religious Beliefs 

  • 32.4% Christians
  • 18.6% Muslims
  • 15.2% Hindus
  • 4.4% Sikhs
  • 0.4% Buddhists
  • 0.1% Jewish

Residents of Leicester speak so many languages. From English to Gujarati, and from Polish to Punjabi, the multilingual city is a byproduct of its people. 

Leicester And Diversity: Food

If you’ve already read our blog, “Eating Out In Leicester”, you’ll know that the city is home to some of the finest restaurants in the UK. With every possible cuisine, it doesn’t matter whether you’re craving sweet, spicy or salty, a comfort food or an adventurous eat – you’ll always be able to find a dish that piques your interest and your appetite. Below are just some of our favourite eateries, where you can taste food that is inspired by different cultures and corners of the globe.

Spice Bazzar

Spice Bazzar is home to award-winning Indian food, and there’s a reason that it’s one of the top rated restaurants in Leicester on TripAdvisor. From tandoori specialities to dhansak, bhuna and vindaloo, these authentic Indian dishes are not to be missed. 

Wok Indo

Wok Indo is one of the best Asian fusion restaurants in the city, home to the tastiest Chinese food you’ll find in the East Midlands (in our opinion, at least). With snack boxes, a gluten free menu, healthy options and vegetarian options, there’s something on the menu for everyone. 

Giggling Squid

Looking for a next-level Thai restaurant? Then Giggling Squid is a must-visit. Just thinking about their salt and pepper squid is enough to make our mouths start watering – so don’t even get us started on the duck confit or the green curry! 

Bistrot Pierre

If you’re feeling fancy, you don’t want to miss out on the french delicacies at Bistrot Pierre. With a mixture of signature and classic dishes, a visit to this central restaurant is the only way to embrace your inner European – just don’t forget to save some of the deep fried brie for your friends at St George’s Tower!

Leicester And Diversity: Celebrations

Leicester wouldn’t be the same without its massive community celebrations. Some of the must-attend events of the year are deeply rooted in culture and tradition. We can’t think of anywhere else we’d rather be in July or August – or any other time of the year!

Caribbean Carnival

Caribbean Carnival is a celebration of Caribbean culture and heritage. The August festival marks the end of slavery in the West Indies, making it a happy and joyous occasion. With vibrant music, clothing, food and crafts, this once-a-year event is definitely worth a visit. After all, over 80,000 people come from all over the UK to celebrate and have fun – which is how you know this is one event not to be missed. 

Belgrave Mela

Belgrave Mela is another hugely popular festival in Leicester. It is a celebration of Indian culture; live entertainment, authentic cuisine, beautiful artwork and stunning outfits take centre-stage. With so much to do and see, it is one of the most interesting and invigorating cultural celebrations in Leicester. And while it’s cancelled this year due to Covid concerns, it is hoped that it will be back next year, bigger and better than ever. 


Leicester Pride is a passionate statement of equality, diversity and inclusivity. With live singers, dance acts, stalls and the all-important parade, it’s an opportunity to express yourself naturally and comfortably. Victoria Park is effortlessly transformed into a place of possibility and celebration, and so whether it’s your first pride or your thirty-first, we would urge everyone to attend!

Exploring Leicester And Diversity With St George’s Tower

Equality, inclusivity and diversity are essential to the city of Leicester. The team at St George’s Tower is proud to live and work within such a powerful and varied community. Not only this, but we are committed to ensuring that every single inhabitant of our student accommodation feels at home here. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in Leicester your whole life, or if it’s your first time here: we want you to feel like you belong.

If you’re looking for student accommodation, be sure to take a look at our deluxe, premium and classic rooms; and if you think we’re the accommodation for you, go ahead and make a booking

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns. Contact us today, and a member of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We’ll hopefully see you soon! 

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