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£143 £133 Per Week, Plus A £50 Amazon Voucher

For just £133 per week, you can rent a Premium Student Studio with St George’s Tower. Not only are you benefitting from a great deal, as we currently offer the most competitive pricing on the student accommodation market, but you are also benefiting from a gift voucher. With stand-out housing and a very good reason to treat yourself to some online shopping, there are only advantages to living in St George’s Tower. 


Our Premium Student Studios have an ample amount of space, which means you’ll be able to make yourself at home right away. With approximately 21m2 to play with, you don’t need to worry about running out of room. One of the most important features of a flat is comfort, and with an abundance of first-class amenities, this is something that is available at St George’s Tower in spades. From the sofa to the mattress, there’s no better place to end your day. 


Each Premium Student Studio contains a kitchen, dining, bedroom, bathroom and study space, which means that everything you could possibly need is available right here in your apartment. The open plan space benefits from large windows, which means there’s plenty of light and air – and a fantastic view across the city centre. If you’re lucky enough to secure a studio on one of the top floors, you’ll have access to a bird’s-eye view of the hustle and bustle of Leicester. Not only is this an amazing view, but it can also give you a keen insight into the places you want to explore (and if you’re lacking inspiration, our blog is regularly updated with the latest and best things to do in the city). 


Each area of the studio is equipped with first-class amenities. You don’t need to worry about purchasing the essentials, as they’re here waiting for you as standard practice. Just some of the amenities that you will have access to include:


  • A cooker, fridge and microwave in your kitchen area.
  • A stylish breakfast bar, complete with breakfast stools, in your dining area.
  • A toilet, sink and power shower in your private ensuite bathroom. 
  • A spacious desk and comfortable chair, along with a pin board and shelf space, in your designated study area. 
  • A three quarter sized bed in your bedroom area.
  • A selection of cupboards, drawers and shelves, to provide you with extensive storage space. 


As if this wasn’t enough, our Premium Student Studios also have access to a series of stand-out amenities, which set St George’s Tower apart from other student properties in Leicester. There is 24 hour building security and free access to superfast Wi-Fi. And finally, the piéce de résistance, there is an on-site Pure Gym, in which you are eligible for special student rates. This means that you can quite literally do anything and everything within your building – from sleeping and eating, to studying and working out. Our premium accommodation is your opportunity to live your best student life.


If you’re looking for a Premium Student Studio in the heart of Leicester, then you couldn’t be in a better place. Try a virtual tour today, and immerse yourself in a room that could one day be yours! Available on desktop, mobile phones and tablets, it’s a really effective means of exploring the accommodation without entering the premises. And if you can picture yourself living here, then enquire today! And do so quickly because our studios are in high-demand and filling up quickly – you don’t want to miss out!


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