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8 Amenities to Look for In your Student Accommodation

Every year, more and more students descend into their chosen cities on the hunt for the perfect student accommodation. It comes as no surprise that every year the ‘absolute-must-haves’ on every student’s checklist have grown longer. 

That is why we are looking at the 8 most common amenities that should be on every student’s checklist and running down to which ones are now viewed as the ‘absolute priority’. 

8. Bigger Bed 

Three-quarter and double beds have become the standard expectation from all students and very much a necessary comfort to make moving out on your own all that much easier. A single bed no longer fits the cut, as larger beds have become the staple of a student’s university experience, from late-night study sessions to bingeing the latest Netflix show and hosting friends and family. 

7. TV

Once, a TV might have been a luxurious option rather than one of necessity, but that has since changed. Now, students consider a TV to be one of the most important things when choosing accommodation. From watching movies to gaming and even studying, the TV is an essential amenity that students are on the hunt for. 

6. Security 

Security is a baseline must for all accommodations, but now students have become even more interested in rooms that make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible and allow their parents to rest easy at night. That includes having 24/7 building security, CCTV, secure door entry systems and secure bike storage facilities. 

5. Laundry Facilities

A key element of moving out and becoming independent is finding out how to properly wash your laundry without your parent’s help. All that wouldn’t be possible without offering students access to reliable and accessible laundry facilities. 

But to make the top of the list, students are most interested in the most useful and accessible facilities, which includes offering students access to a laundry app to make payment and access to machines all that more convenient and easier. 

4. Storage 

Most importantly, students are searching for accommodation that makes them feel as comfortable and settled as possible, and that includes ensuring that there is plenty of storage space available to them so they can make their space their own. 

Giving them spacious rooms, with hanging space and a place for luggage, and the other bits and bobs picked up from freshers’ fairs can be the deciding factor between different accommodation options.  

3. Location 

Location is everything to students, whether it is having easy and smooth transport links, an easy commute to uni, or convenient access to cafes, shops, bars and nightclubs. The most attractive student accommodation will be conveniently located close to both the university campus, the city centre, and the main transport hubs. 

2. Inclusive Bills 

One of the biggest considerations for students is their bills, and bills can quickly become one of the biggest turn-offs when it comes to viewing accommodation. Recent findings from the UCAS  student survey highlighted that for 78% of students, having bills included is what influenced their decision on where to live. 

Inclusive bills provide peace of mind during a student’s busy schedule, as it is one less factor to worry about month by month, and they don’t have to go through the stress of uncertain monthly costs. 

It also means bills are capped so that they know exactly how much is being paid each month, and they don’t need to stress about any unexpected increases. 

1. Fast WiFi

Finally, the absolute must-have on every student’s wishlist is fast WiFi. Access to reliable and fast WiFi is the most important amenity for any student. It helps them through their university degrees, instagram scrolling, Netflix-watching, and socialisation. 

That’s why any accommodation not offering reliable and fast WiFi will be quickly disregarded and end up at the bottom of the ‘potentials’ pile. 

Moving to St. George’s Tower 

Choosing student accommodation can be a difficult and often stressful process, and it’s important that students feel comfortable and settled in the place they chose. That is why our range of student accommodation options is the perfect choice for students looking for all their ‘absolute-musts’ in accommodation. 

Please feel free to check out our virtual room tours, and get in touch! Our friendly and professional team are more than happy to answer anything you would like to know. Alternatively, if you have chosen the room you want, you can always go straight to booking a room.  


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