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Spectacular art mural at student accommodation in Leicester aims to inspire

At St George’s Tower student accommodation in Leicester, a seismic transformation has taken place over the summer months. The unveiling of an unprecedented art mural creation displayed on the entirety of the student accommodation tower block makes for a striking and dazzling montage of street art.


Inspired by the city’s diversity, the street art mural is now the tallest piece of singular street art in Europe and the third tallest in the world. Read our blog post below to find out all about the art mural, the inspiration behind its creation and how this fascinating concept will captivate and inspire the next generation of students. 

Art inspiration

Art inspiration can foster a cultural stimulus amongst students, as the aesthetic and story behind an artwork can help breed a consciousness of ideas, creation and expressiveness, unlike many other subjects.

Art Mural - St George's Tower
Credit: BID Leicester

Students are often creative individuals, as university life invites constant improvisation to find new and innovative ways to learn, live and party. Art-related degrees are always popular choices, with creativity and inspiration at their core, nurturing talents and skills which can be deployed in a diverse range of future careers. 


The St George’s Tower mural pays tribute to the city of Leicester, with references interspersed throughout the design that are a nod to the city’s wide array of cultural inspirations. The art mural has seen passers-by and visitors flock to it, with photos and videos being taken daily since its completion. 


The art mural has gained huge interest online, with photos and videos of the display being posted and shared on social media, captivating audiences beyond the UK. L’opera di street art più alta del mondo | Elle Decor

The creation of the art mural


But how was this amazing and unique concept brought to life? The BID Leicester project was in partnership with Graffwerk, a Leicester-based arts company that organises the annual Bring The Paint festival in the city, celebrating street art in all its forms. 

Bring the Paint 2019:

Bring The Paint 2019 – Official Recap Video


The vision for the St George’s Tower project was initiated and driven by Anthony Overend and Izzy Hoskins, Graffwerk’s principal creatives. 


Initially, their idea was born from imagining how striking a painted mural would look emblazoned on the section of St George’s Tower (or the Blue tower as it is also known) without any windows. 


Speaking about the creation of the mural, Anthony of Graffwerk explained how the student accommodation in Leicester was revamped through the street art mural. 

Credit: BID Leicester

“We would regularly pass the tower and often commented on how cool it would be to paint a mural on the windowless section. After doing some research, it became apparent that if it could be arranged, we would not only have another amazing piece of public art in the city, but also a record breaker”. 


One of the core aspects of Anthony and Izzy’s vision was for the creation and delivery of the artwork to be done solely by local artists. Upon the proposal being accepted and funding approved by BID Leicester, the work on the design could begin. The other local artists that were involved were Wing Lo, Richard Peacock, Leigh Drummond and Keine Tuckley. 


Leicester’s art inspiration 


All art is born from a creative standpoint and an inspiration that represents a visual story behind the art. Anthony from Graffwerk explained how the final artwork was determined for the mural. 

“The design process lasted for several weeks in which five separate artworks were created, once all were ready they were put before a panel who voted for their favourite. The artwork that was delivered is the design that won the vote”. 


Amongst the finalised design are a host of inclusions that reflect the unique cultural elements of the city of Leicester. The art mural features an homage to the sporting success of the city, with the orange fox and tiger representing Leicester City FC and the Leicester Tigers respectively. 

Art Mural - St George's Tower

Credit: BID Leicester

Other notable inclusions are the astronaut, a nod to the National Space Centre in Leicester, and the strand of DNA, in recognition of the amazing work by the University of Leicester in discovering the DNA fingerprinting technique. 


See an amazing timelapse of the art mural creation below

The St George’s Tower student accommodation in Leicester is situated at the heart of the city centre, so the art mural can be seen across the city, serving as an inspirational reminder to the students and people of the city what can be achieved through hard work and dedication. The words of Graffwerk echoed similar sentiments.  


“We would like to think that the artwork on St George’s Tower will inspire students and the people of Leicester for many years to come and serve as a reminder that anything is possible if you put your mind to it”. 

Inspirational living at St George’s Tower


Art can captivate and inspire, and at St George’s Tower, we have all the facilities necessary to inspire you and elevate your student experience to the next level. We have a range of luxury and premium studio accommodation for students available. 


The location of our student accommodation in Leicester offers everything you could possibly need. With a range of leisure facilities and cultural hotspots on your doorstep, you’ll feel instantly connected and inspired by what the city has to offer. Plus, just imagine being able to say you live at the place that is home to Europe’s tallest piece of street art! 


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